EIM/ECM Software

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) refers to particular area of interest in the IT sphere. This strategy implies professional solutions in managing information within the organization through the support in the decision making process, as well as improving business organization at the everyday level.

EIM system enables its clients to manage large volumes of data from different directories by setting the fastest way to access the desired information (with instant regulation and content control) in order to make optimal business decisions.

According to the Gartner report for EIM and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) market in 2013, OpenText is the largest independent global manufacturer of ECM solutions. Gartner claims that the success of OpenText is due to its simple implementation, unlimited possibilities to adapt to client requirements and simplicity for end-users.

Enterprise Information Management(1)

SAP Company, as the world’s largest producer of ERP systems, uses OpenText ECM to manage scanned documents. OpenText has a strategic partnership with SAP, where all scanned and OCRed documentation is stored in OpenText, which is used through SAP interface. OpenText solutions are used by the leading global companies and institutions. PIS Ltd. is a distributor for OpenText ECM systems.

PIS Ltd., as a distributor for OpenText ECM solutions, can integrate archiving services, scanning and microfilming in the OpenText ECM.
OpenText currently has over 50,000 installations around the world with over 10 million users of the system.

OPEN TEXT references (partial list)

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