Kodak-Arhiv-Writer-Kasete-optimizStoring business documents on microfilm record as legally recognized and permanent solution is shown as one of the most trusted and safest ways of savings in document management, especially for the needs of organizations with security and safety as a priority.

The cost-effectiveness of this method of storing documents is primarily reflected in clever space-saving solutions (microfilm records compared to paper records occupy up to 99% less archive space).

The microfilm copy has the same legal validity and enforceability of original documents, which allows (in case of necessity) the possibility of destroying paper version of document at any time. It is also possible to create alternative copies of microfilm, which ensures additional protection from any type of hazard (so-called Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity scenario).

Standard microfilming service includes:

• microfilming by Kodak Archive Writer, currently one of the most reliable devices of its kind
• perfect quality of microfilm records, up to 17,000 images per roll
• dual record (simultaneous production of the original and copy of microfilm)
• standard 16mm, high-quality microfilm is ISO/ANSI-certified for a life expectancy of 500 years when properly processed and stored under controlled conditions
• duplicate microfilm (for disaster recovery)