OCR Document Processing

ocr1PIS Ltd. performs automated OCR processing service, with the transfer of scanned images into searchable PDF or Word document format. In this way, the DMS system enables full text search in scanned documents (similar to the Google platform). For the purposes of OCR processing, the company uses the OpenText Capture Center (OCC) software solution.

OpenText Capture Center extracts information from bitmap documents by using the most advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR). Using OCC, your organization saves money from reduced manual keying and paper handling, speeds up business processes by using digital workflow right from the start, improves data quality by capturing all relevant data from documents, and reduces compliance risks by keeping track of document-related activities. OCC captures images and processes data for certain business processes. The purpose of scanning is to input data into a business process. Ideally, all business data for a transaction should be extracted and validated. As a result, the process may be fully automated. The scanned document will be attributed by some metadata, stored in an archive, and associated with the business transaction.

With its Recostar system, OCC appears as the most referential solution for automatic OCR and ICR recognition and data processing from previously scanned documents (automatic processing of transfer orders, invoices, various forms etc.).

Some of the reputable organizations that have the best experience in the use of OCC solutions are, among others: the UBS bank, Deutsche Post, UK National Savings Bank, etc.