Online Hosting

cloud_docsOnline archiving services (i.e. Cloud Computing) and hosting of electronic archiving system enable the most contemporary way of managing business documentation, with the aim of improving business organization without additional investment in infrastructure and/or human resources.

Online archiving services are carried out with the support of Cloud Computing system. This technology provides a flexible, location-independent access to digitized business documents, which can be quickly and seamlessly allocated and relocated in relation to the current demands of the client.

PIS Ltd. offers outsourcing for all key stages in the archiving process – from the recovery of existing condition, through conversion of documents into electronic form and processing of electronic documents, up to the setting and maintenance of e-archives. Clients are provided with full control in each of these stages.

By using the online archiving services, our clients are enabled to:

• significantly improve speed and accuracy of locating individual or related documents
• minimize financial and legal risks that may arise in the event of loss, damage or misuse of business documentation
• further ensure data security