Paper Documentation Archiving

Paper business documentation in companies is constantly growing and may become a problem for any organization regardless of its level, so the contemporary manner of storing documents shows up as necessary aspect of effective organization of business premises and consequently the whole work process.

PIS Ltd. – ARHIVIRAJ.COM service center guarantees the best price-quality ratio: as a result you may gain significant time/costs savings in the work process (fast and immediate access to documents without additional investment in the equipment or archive storage space, simpler process of sending and physical manipulation of documents, etc.).

PIS Ltd. provides complete service that includes physical archiving of paper documents (transport, stockage, warehousing and storage of business documents) according to the strictest standards in the field – ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 15489. This implies unique hybrid archiving system that consists of scanning and physical archiving of paper documents, processing the delivery requests for necessary documentation and electronic archiving of business documents. We store the documents by using ARHIVIRAJ.COM high quality boxes with a capacity of 5 standard binders with 500 units / sheets.

The three-part complex of archival depot is owned by PIS Ltd., where is currently archived over 300,000 boxes which is more than 1,500,000 binders or 750,000,000 sheets archived at over 120 km of archive shelves. By the end of the current year (2015), the company tends to expand from the current 14,000 m2 to 24,000 square meters of the fully equipped archival space.

PIS – ARHIVIRAJ.COM archiving process meets the highest global and ISO standards, which includes:

• Retention of documents in ARHIVIRAJ.COM standard archival boxes
• High quality archive shelves made of stainless steel
• Storage of archival boxes in a unique place on archival shelf
• Archival depots are built of solid materials (brick and concrete) and are divided into archival rooms of 100-150m2; all rooms are provided with ventilation, they are built with no windows and with only one fire doors
• ARHIVO Archival software for archiving with unlimited number of user licenses
• 2D barcode labels for boxes, customized for each client
• Shipping documents upon request (original documents are delivered by the PIS-ARHIVIRAJ.COM courier service; fax copy delivery; scanning and sending documents through the archive systems or email)
• User authorization protocols
• Protocols and standards for folding and downloading documents
• Protection systems (access control, video surveillance, 24/7 security guard service, fire protection systems, pest control etc.)
• ARHIVIRAJ.COM courier service
• Satellite vehicle tracking system
• All archived documents are covered with insurance
• Location of our archival depots: Belgrade, Serbia